Litigation & Investigation Managed Services

Bringing together the best engineers, project managers and data scientists to augment strategic decisions in litigation and investigations.

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Leverage technology to make every step of discovery easy to manage and monitor

Today’s litigations and internal investigations demand not only the best legal minds, they require the best tools and technology experts.
Our team of data scientists, analysts and engineers harness technology to make every step of discovery and investigations easy to manage and track in real time

Managed services

KPI metrics and reporting

Get big picture views of your company’s eDiscovery projects & investigations.

Data collection

Identify and gather your company's relevant information in a defensible matter

Data processing

Synthesize your company's data to be reviewed and anlayzed

Analytics + TAR

Marry expert reviewers and technolgy to classify your data and speed up processes

Litigation hold administration

Ensure your company is technically compliant with litigation hold response

Data hosting

Use our infratstructure to host and review data without having to invest in your own instance

Data productions

Technincally produce data required for hearings, litigations, arbitration investigations and government inquiries.

Data anonymization

Use Gravity Stack technology to automatically redact your company's sensitive data and PII at scale

Data breach analysis + notification

Quickly understand the impact of data breaches and create processes that enable quick response

Trial graphics

Digitally prepare demonstratives and hot documents for presentation purposes

Remote Proceedings

Recreate the real life experience of an in person hearing, deposition or trial.

Complex cases require expert teams

Read our case studies about companies who turned to Gravity Stack for their most difficult investigations and discovery projects.

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