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In the press

  • Gravity Stack has been quickly ramping up its business.

    - LegalTech News

  • Reed Smith’s push into legal tech, meanwhile, started from the inside and moved outside.

    - The American Lawyer

  • Gravity Stack is developing their own algorithms to provide bespoke NLP capabilities for use in contract analysis.

    - Artificial Lawyer

  • Gravity Stack earns the 2019 top standout ranking for “New Business and Service Delivery Models”.

    - Financial Times

  • Gravity Stack has taken things a step further over the past year.

    - Above the Law

  • Reed Smith’s push into legal tech, meanwhile, started from the inside and moved outside.


  • Reed Smith's Gravity Stack has evolved from a cloud-based provider to a full service tech company.

    - Law360

  • Reed Smith recently launched Gravity Stack, a spin-off subsidiary group that will design, test and license technology solutions to legal clients.

    - Legal Evolution

  • Technology that performs lawyers’ work for them, or helps them do it better, has become the talk of the bar, and for good reason.

    - Forbes

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Litigation & investigations

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Our team stays ahead of the curve on the latest technology.

Where the current tech falls short, we build our own solutions like Periscope, Stack-et and Insight.

Our solutions will save money, keep you informed and reduce stress.

Contract intelligence

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We have partnered with the best AI companies.

We build our own tools like Pipeline, project management tailored for contract review.

Convert contracts from legacy documents to actionable, insight rich data.

Business Advisory Solutions

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Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to cater to your particular challenges.

We know about tech solutions even before they are commercialized in the market.

We help clients make data science and technology a critical part of their strategic toolkit.


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Gravity Stack applies technology to solve critical problems

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