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Bringing together the best engineers, project managers and data scientists to make contracts actionable and unlock business insights.

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Technology and teams of specialized experts are transforming contract lifecycle management.

Work that was being done just four or five years ago by attorneys can now be done with the touch of a button. So, whether it is an M&A, a CLM implementation or a new regulation that requires reviewing and repapering company wide agreements, your department should respond by doing more than throwing bodies at the problem.
Our contract review technology Diligence will give you information on day one that would take weeks or months through traditional review. Some of our clients use Diligence in their own atmosphere and other clients engage Gravity Stack to do the work and simply give them the information they need. We offer the same sophisticated managed services for contract review that you have come to expect for litigations and internal investigations.

Managed services

Contract portfolio analytics

Visualize risk across your portfolio of contracts

Due diligence

Use AI to understand your target investment inside out

LIBOR transition

Intelligently review and repaper all affected agreements

Post-merger integrations

Understand your new obligations

Regulatory analysis

Review agreements at scale against new regulations

Risk analysis

Analyze your contractual risk

Template rationalization

Recreate contract templates based on precedent

NDA comparison

Compare individual agreements against your corpus of contracts

Deal negotiation

Create negotiation playbooks for each contract segment

Automated drafting

Automate your contract workflow


Artificial intelligence contract management platform
Understand your contracts even before you begin reviewing
Extract critical data without resorting to manual review
Repaper agreements with a controlled workflow

Streamline your workflow with smart contract review

Read our case study about how one company’s decision to extract and analyze the data in their contracts allowed them to address an unforeseen risk in over 8,000 agreements in just under 24 hours.

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