Demystifying CLM and Contract Tech

Grant Hewlett
Head of Business Advisory Solutions
Sep 13 • 1 min read

At Gravity Stack, contract intelligence is our bread and butter. Although our team was forged in the eDiscovery trenches, we have applied our expertise to extracting data out of contracts. We have seen, through conversations with both our client base and prospects, a great deal of confusion surrounding contract lifecycle management (CLM) and contract tech. Recently, our Managing Director Bryon Bratcher coauthored a post on Legal Evolution that tries to simplify this rather complex topic. So, whether you are a legal department, law firm or a strategic acquirer and you are considering investing in contract tech, this article is a great place to get started. Here are some of the topics covered:

Key Definitions
Understanding the difference between CLM and contract tech.

The Different Stages of CLM
Why no one single technology can handle a company’s entire CLM.

Human Touch
Why some companies (including Gravity Stack) specifically combine humans and machine learning.

A Diverse Set of Buyers
Why legal departments are not the only purchasers of contract tech.

The Contract Tech Opportunity
Why many of the biggest technology companies in the world are investing in contract tech.

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