Translating into Adoption: How Lionbridge’s Relativity App is Quickly Gaining Traction

Bryon Bratcher
Managing Director
San Francisco
Apr 5 • 3 min read

Translation is Harder Than Ever

Stop us if you have heard this before, but we are in the midst of a data explosion.

Businesses today are producing more data than any time in history. The problem is that companies need access to key pieces of information embedded inside those data sets. Plus, organizations with a global footprint have to contend with data in many different languages. Today, many of the biggest companies in the world depend on Relativity to review thousands, if not millions, of pages of foreign language data in connection with disputes, internal investigations and large scale contract review projects. As a result, the number of documents requiring translation is constantly getting bigger.

The Solution

Translation behemoth Lionbridge now offers a solution, Lionbridge Translator for Relativity®. The app helps global law firms and corporate legal departments deliver cross-border e-discovery (e-disclosure) programs and other multilingual work like contract review within the Relativity platform.

To read more about how Gravity Stack uses neural machine translation for e-discovery, litigation, and transactional matters, download the brochure.

Gravity Stack’s Partnership with Lionbridge

As Legal IT Insider reported last year, Lionbridge chose Gravity Stack as its development partner. On a joint webinar announcing the new application, Lionbridge MD Jerry Wish outlined his reasons for working with Gravity Stack:

“Partnerships are hard to get right, and you’ve got to choose and be very careful in who you focus on as a partner, and we’ve developed an absolutely fantastic partnership with Gravity Stack spanning an increasing range of areas. There are a lot of developers out there, but when we chose our developer, we wanted to focus on an entity connected to a law firm that would bring that tremendous expertise and legal perspective to development. We are very much customer focused at Lionbridge and we wanted to make sure that anything we did was informed by how lawyers and eDiscovery teams wanted to work. Their whole team was absolutely amazing.”

We do, in fact, understand the growing pain points related to translation, both because of how it affects us and our team at Gravity Stack as well as the lawyers at Reed Smith, our parent law firm. 

Benefits of One Platform

The efficiencies of the app make it oxygen for eDiscovery teams. Up till now, any time a document needed to be translated, the reviewer would have to save the document securely and then separately email the document to the translation company. That might not seem like a lot at first but, with the growing number of documents that require translation, the switch costs of leaving the review platform have multiplied exponentially. This leads to slower turn around times for translation when teams are already being asked to “do more with less.” Plus, by embedding translation inside Relativity – and enabling eDiscovery and litigation support teams to drive the translation process on their own, all lightning fast and self-service – firms can get realtime transparency into the breakdown of costs associated with translation. Our clients do not simply want or ask for this kind of transparency into their eDiscovery matters, they expect it, and translation is no different. 

The App is Quickly Gaining Traction

Since its release, there has been significant uptick in adoption. Lionbridge’s initial customers for the self-service Relativity Translator app – all Top 50 AmLaw firms – have collectively translated almost 200 million words through the Lionbridge app in the three months since launch.  These firms now have a scalable and secure platform – which they fully control – that has already saved thousands of hours of time and cost that would otherwise require engaging large multi-lingual review teams. These firms have also seen a dramatic reduction in turnaround times for translations – from “hours if not days” to “seconds or minutes”. 

If you would like to learn more about the Lionbridge Translator for Relativity, you can do so by clicking on this link to the Relativity site, or get in touch with someone from our team and we can walk you through the process.