AI in all languages: How Lionbridge and Gravity Stack are turbo charging translation services for eDiscovery and contract review

Sharri Wilner
Head of Customer Success - US
New York
Nov 9 • 2 min read

Recently, our MD Bryon Bratcher and our U.S. Head of Customer Success Sharri Wilner participated in a webinar to discuss our new partnership with translation services market leader Lionbridge. We were joined on the webinar by Lionbridge’s Managing Director Jerry Wish, Director of Sales Kayla Prunier and LegalIT Insider’s editor in chief Caroline Hill who moderated the conversation. 

Jerry’s eloquent comments about our partnership echo our sentiments exactly.

“Partnerships are hard to get right, and you’ve got to choose and be very careful in who you focus on as a partner, and we’ve developed an absolutely fantastic partnership with Gravity Stack spanning an increasing range of areas. There are a lot of developers out there, but when we chose our developer, we wanted to focus on an entity connected to a law firm that would bring that tremendous expertise and legal perspective to development. We are very much customer focused at Lionbridge and we wanted to make sure that anything we did was informed by how lawyers and eDiscovery teams wanted to work. Their whole team was absolutely amazing.”

Here is why we are excited about our partnership: contract review is challenging. Even when AI and technology is being used it is so key for contract review projects to include multidisciplinary eDiscovery professionals (yes, eDiscovery professionals) who have experience working and being nimble with huge volumes of data. Translation services are an essential part of these projects as well because most companies that have huge volumes of contracts requiring review and analysis tend to also have contracts in multiple languages, not just English. 

You can see the webinar and learn more about our partnership, clicking on this Vimeo link and we’ve timestamped the video in case you want to jump around.

00:00-04:15 Background on Lionbridge

04:15-06:15 The increase in focusing on productivity as a result of remote work

6:15-10:20 Background on Gravity Stack

10:20-13:00 How companies are leveraging technology to assist with the LIBOR transition

13:00-15:30 The realities and of AI based contract review

15:30-28:45 Partnership between Lionbridge and Gravity Stack

28:45-45:00 Lionbridge demo

45:00-56:45 Gravity Stack demo  

If you would like to learn more about our partnership or our work in eDiscovery and contracts, please contact us.