2019 an award-rich year For Gravity Stack

Bryon Bratcher
Managing Director
San Francisco
Dec 15 • 1 min read

We are not ones to get hung up on awards, but 2019 was an award rich year for us at Gravity Stack, and the timing of the awards — a full year and a half after we launched — speak to the sustainability of our mission.

Gravity Stack’s successful launch and first year and a half in business earned Reed Smith LLP the Financial Times award for “New Business & Service Delivery Models” and The American Lawyer Industry Award for “Best Legal Services Innovation.” Gravity Stack was also listed as a Tier 1 ALSP (Alternative Legal Service Provider) by Chambers.  

Organizations typically do not win awards in back to back years, so we are not exactly holding our breaths for 2020. But, for the team at Gravity Stack, these awards signal that the legal industry has begun to reconsider the place of law firms in designing, building and implementing technology for our clients. The industry is recognizing law firms who are intentional about innovation, and that is something we think is worth celebrating.